We supply a wide variety of Fireplace brands to suit your individual heating requirements and to complement your interior. Fireplaces have evolved into superior designs by the different brands to give efficient heating options for every home. Open Fireplaces are still an option for a lot of customers, as it is more affordable. Closed Combustion Fireplaces are becoming more popular due to its efficiency and overall cost effective way of heating.

What are Closed Combustion Fireplaces?

Simply put, closed combustion fireplaces consist of a contained firebox made of steel or cast iron. Most burn either wood or coal, but here the focus will be on wood-burning units due to their lower environmental impact and affordability. Every fireplace requires air to burn, but closed combustion fireplaces have a distinct advantage, you control the amount of air that enters the firebox, which means that you determine both the heat output and the consumption of wood.

So you decide when to turn up the heat if you are chilly, or tone it down if the room is sufficiently warm. “Turbo” technology, similar to that used in high-end cars, is utilized by the better quality closed combustion fireplaces. Termed secondary or double combustion – the equivalent of fitting a turbo into your fireplaces – the process works like this: as wood burns, it converts to charcoal, gas and volatile liquids, which release heat.

After primary combustion, the gases still contain fuel which, if given an opportunity, will burn again. Closed combustion fireplaces with a secondary combustion “turbo” system enable secondary combustion to occur. The Result: increased heat output, slower consumption of wood and lower CO² emissions.

Some units come with a convection fan, which speed up the distribution of hot air in the room.